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"The GroundZero event that you put together domestically have always been fantastic. But I was even more impressed with the GroundZero Europe we did in London. A great time was had by all. The most impressive was the fireworks as we went under London Bring on the River Paddle Wheel Boat. 400 people were all looking up into the sky at the same time. Thanks again for making it all happen."

–  Dr. Jay Johnson
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Welcome to Registration Services.  A  full service registration solutions company, we partner with your company or organization to provide full registration services for your conference or meeting, specializing in custom event websites. Our registration service is designed to the needs, message and theme of your event, with experienced staff committed to providing superior, fully customized solutions for you.

Registration Services
provides the following services:

Online Registration

Working with our in-house software, we design a customized website for your event that reflects the message and theme of your event. From the start of the registration process to the close of the event, we ensure a seamless process for your attendees. Our reporting system provides up-to-date data 24/7 and allows attendees to make updates to their registration record leading up to the event. Our available experienced staff provides professional communication via email, phone and fax.

On-site Registration Management
Our professional on-site registration staff will transfer the data from the on-line registration process to the event and utilize with the check-in process.  Web based reporting can also be accessed by our staff who will manage the registration process and provide necessary materials to all attendees.  

Our staff has extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality industry and utilizes this experience in the contract negotiation process.  We are available for site selection and the contract negotiation process.  We manage the room inventory seamlessly through our registration process and ensure the room block is managed to reduce the risk of  unecessary attrition fees.

We are here to manage your air and ground transportation needs.  Through the registration process, we capture the information from each attendee with their specific air travel and ground transportation needs.  

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For more information on how we can assist with your conference registration needs, please contact us online or via telephone at 707-815-7744.